10" Cast Iron Pan

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Product Info

The Matheson 10" Cast Iron Pan is our signature cookware product. 

The primary design feature of the Matheson 10” cast iron frying pan is its distinctive lip on the pan edge. The lip makes the task of basting and stirring much easier to do: it gives more surface area to collect sauces when tilting the pan.

The pan has a black enamel finish that is rugged and primed to develop a smooth patina as it incorporates cooking oils throughout its life. 

The Matheson cast iron pan is suitable for use on all stove types, ovens, above coals or open fire.  


Product Specs


Length: 20.5"

Width: 11.25"

Height with lid: 4.25" to the top knob

Height without lid: 3" to the pan lip



Weight with lid: 17 lbs

Weight without lid: 8.5 lbs


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